MILTON Collection

Striking chevron timber panelling

  • Bench

  • Buffet

  • Coffee Table

  • Dining Table

  • Hall Table

  • Side Table

  • TV Unit

  • 130cm
    (130w x 40d x 78h)

  • 130cm
    (130w x 70d x 45h)

  • 150cm
    (150w x 36d x 45h)

  • 165cm
    (165w x 45d x 86h)

  • 180cm
    (180w x 35d x 45h)

  • 180cm
    (180w x 100d x 77h)

  • 185cm
    (185w x 45d x 56h)

  • 210cm
    (210w x 105d x 77h)

  • 216cm
    (216w x 45d x 86h)

  • 235cm
    (235w x 45d x 56h)

  • 65cm
    (65w x 65d x 51h)

Striking chevron timber panelling

Pair with the Milton Dining Table or simply use as extra seating around the house. The Milton bench is made from multiple hardwood timbers combined with each other to create a striking chevron pattern. The fronts have vertical panelling however the combination of the two creates a wonderfully unique look that is both high end and on trend.   

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