The Natural Curves 2 Box Framed Canvas is a stunning piece of artwork featuring a tranquil blend of soft pastel beige and white tones. The hand painted abstract details create an eye-catching look that will captivate viewers. The natural wooden frame provides a striking contrast to the soft colours of the painting creating a peaceful atmosphere in your home. The simple elegance of this canvas will surely bring a touch of beauty to any space.

      It is an exciting time when you purchase new furniture or homewares to finish your space. We cannot stress the importance of assembling and caring for your furniture in the correct way. Make sure you are as informed as possible to ensure the longevity of your products with the below.

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    Guardsman Protection and Accidental Damage Warranties

    Take care & get the most out of your new furniture with Guardsman’s protective and repair products and accidental damage warranties. Keep your products looking their best with Guardsman from the moment they arrive in your home.