We heart the Marovo Health Initiative

OZ Design Furniture is committed to helping sponsor a much-needed medical doctor in the Solomon Islands, one of Australia's closest, northern neighbours.Dr. Douglas Pikacha is located at Seghe Hospital in the Marovo Lagoon, an area of approximately 700 square kilometres with a population of 12,000 people spread across 100 islands. This magnificent area is unique in the world for its pristine beauty and wonderful people but has never before had the benefit of a full-time doctor.Now, Dr. Pikacha is able to treat patients and save lives not only on-site at the local hospital but will also travel to outer villages to treat those unable to make the journey. He will also teach basic healthcare to nursing staff in the area's health centres and be part of advising the local communities about nutrition (diabetes being one of the region's major health problems). Another role he will undertake will be to co-ordinate and lead the Marovo Medical Tours – two, week-long visits by international doctors and other medical professionals who come to the lagoon each year to share their expertise.OZ Design furniture is extremely proud to be part of this inspirational programme knowing the enormous impact it will have on the overall health and well-being of the people in the Marovo, and we thank our customers for helping us achieve this valuable goal.

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OZ Design Furniture is an Australian owned company committed to reducing our impact on our environment, at many levels. We understand all businesses affect the environment in some way however we have taken steps to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse by implementing the following, with more new and exciting initiatives in the pipeline;

  • Where possible all lighting in our stores has been upgraded to ensure we have the latest LED technology for low power consumption
  • With large rooftop surface areas and our stores operating during daylight hours 7 days week, we are collaborating with like-minded environmentally conscious landlords to install Tier 1 PV solar systems at our cost onto their roofs, thereby substantially reducing carbon emissions and taking further load off the grid
  • We are constantly working on individual sites as well as our Metro Distribution Centres to ensure we recycle as much as possible. This includes offering a premium delivery option where our home delivery carriers remove all packaging and bring it back to the distribution centres in QLD, NSW and VIC for resorting and compaction into the relevant recycling bin. Of course we hope all our customers do the right thing and recycle their recyclable packaging materials as well
  • We have re-designed our warehouse management systems to ensure trucks are fully loaded for home deliveries and that they take the shortest optimal route when on the road
  • All of our warehouses use environmentally friendly battery operated forklifts as opposed to gas as they are fume free, giving off no harmful emissions. All our forklifts are recharged overnight on low tariff rates to also take demand off the grid
  • OZ Design Furniture has an appointed Sustainability Manager who works in conjunction with our Board of Directors and all of our staff to implement best practices that can be used in our stores, offices and warehouses.

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