November 21, 2023

By: Zara Sahota | Design Specialist

How to Recreate These Summer Styling Moments 

Follow these design tips inspired by our latest looks

When it comes to styling your home for summer, it can sometimes be overwhelming to know where to start. However, we have you covered with our top interior design tips. Inspired by our latest looks using gorgeous new furniture pieces, you'll be able to create a stylish and refreshing atmosphere that perfectly captures the essence of the season. 

Open Plan Living 


Open plan living has become the norm for many modern homes, providing a free-flowing space that combines the kitchen, living and dining area all into one. Round dining tables can be a great addition to these homes. Not only do they provide a functional and cohesive space for dining, but they also add a touch of elegance and style to the overall decor. 

Consider the size and scale of your round dining table in relation to the rest of the room. Ensure that it is proportionate to the space and doesn't overwhelm the area. If you have a spacious open living area, you can opt for a larger round dining table to fill the space instead of a smaller table. 

Next, think about the placement of the round dining table in the area. Consider the flow of the space and how people will move around it. Ideally, the dining table should be placed in a central location where it can be easily accessed from all sides. This will create a sense of balance and ensure that everyone can comfortably gather around the table. 

Off Centered Furniture

Add a touch of uniqueness and creativity to your space by off centering your furniture, like we have done here with an angled office desk in the center of the room.By positioning your desk at an angle, you can create a more dynamic and interesting focal point in the room, drawing attention to the desk and making it a standout feature in the space.  

It breaks away from the conventional symmetrical layout and adds a sense of movement and energy. This can help make your office more visually engaging, stimulating creativity and enhancing your productivity. 

By placing the desk at an angle, you can make the most of the room layout and potentially create a more efficient workspace. This can be particularly useful if you have limited square footage, as it allows you to maximize the usability of the area. 


Loose Linen Relaxation


When it comes to styling a summer home, nothing says relaxed and breezy quite like loose linen. This lightweight fabric exudes a sense of casual elegance, making it the epitome of interior design in the warmer months. By incorporating loose linen into your home, you can effortlessly transform your living room into a serene and inviting space. 

The beauty of a slipcover sofa lies in its ability to evoke a sense of relaxation and tranquility. The Loft sofa's breathable and airy nature makes it ideal for the summer months, allowing for a cool and comfortable living space. A loose linen sofa in a crisp white or soft beige hue can instantly transform your living room into a bright and airy oasis. 

The combination of loose linen slipcovers and reclaimed timbers creates a harmonious blend of comfort, style and sustainability. The relaxed and casual nature of loose linen perfectly complements the organic and textured appeal of organic materials, resulting in a space that feels welcoming and effortlessly chic. 

Mix & Match Seating

When designing your living room, consider mixing and matching seating options to create a dynamic and versatile space. Instead of opting for a traditional sofa set, you can create an interesting seating arrangement by pairing a sofa across from two armchairs. This is a great arrangement as it not only adds visual interest to the room but also creates a cozy and intimate seating area for conversations and relaxation. 

To further enhance the functionality of your living room, include an ottoman that can be easily moved around for extra seating. Ottomans are not only versatile but also serve multiple purposes. They can be used as footrests, serving as a comfortable extension to the armchairs, or can be pulled up as additional seating when guests come over. This flexibility allows you to adapt your living room seating arrangements to accommodate different needs and occasions. 


For a dining area, consider incorporating a combination of dining chairs and a bench seat. Dining chairs offer individual seating options and are typically more formal and traditional. They provide a sense of familiarity and elegance, making them perfect for regular family meals or intimate dinners.  

On the other hand, a bench seat adds a touch of informality and versatility to your dining area. Unlike chairs, a bench can accommodate multiple people, allowing you to seat more guests comfortably in a more casual setting. 

Organic Accents

It's no secret that we love the look of rattan, thanks to its ability to bring a touch of organic beauty to any space. By incorporating rattan furniture and other organic materials into an interior, you can create a space that is visually pleasing and promotes a sense of relaxation. 

Jute rugs, with their earthy and rough texture, complement the delicate and intricate patterns of rattan, creating a harmonious blend of textures. This combination not only adds depth and dimension to the space but also adds a touch of warmth and coziness. 

To create a standout look with rattan and jute, it can be beneficial to incorporate black timber elements into the design. The rich, dark color of black timber provides a striking contrast against the lighter tones of rattan and jute, creating a captivating visual effect.


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