April 30, 2024

By: Zara Sahota | Design Specialist

Seating for Every Occasion  

Extend your guest seating with the right furniture pieces

Whether you are hosting guests in your home or just love to rearrange your interior for a fresh look, it's important to have enough seating options to accommodate everyone comfortably. One way to extend your guest seating is by incorporating the right furniture pieces into your space.

Keep reading to find out the best choices to achieve a flexible interior design. 

Room to Grow

Modular sofas are the perfect solution for families who are constantly evolving and growing. These versatile pieces of furniture can easily adapt to changing living spaces, making them ideal for homes that require flexibility. Whether you have a small apartment that needs to maximise space or a large family room that needs to accommodate multiple seating arrangements, modular sofas can be customised to fit your needs. 

With modular sofas, you can create a cozy and inviting space for your family and guests to relax and enjoy each other's company, whilst also bringing a sophisticated modern look into your home. 

Ottomans are another versatile seating option that can be easily moved around to provide extra seating wherever it's needed. They can also double as a footrest or even a coffee table when paired with a tray. Ottomans come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your space and aesthetic. 


Take a Seat

When designing your dining area, it is important to consider incorporating a combination of dining chairs and bench seats. This combination adds a unique touch to your space, blending formality with informality in a seamless way.  

Bench seats can provide additional seating without taking up too much space, making them a great option for when you have a larger group of guests over for a meal. They also create a more casual and communal atmosphere, perfect for gathering around the table for a shared meal.  

Kitchen Envy


When it comes to creating a casual and relaxed seating area in your kitchen, there are two main options to consider: kitchen stools and bar chairs. Kitchen stools are typically lower in height and can be tucked neatly under a countertop or kitchen island when not in use. They provide a more laid-back seating option for quick meals or casual conversations. 

On the other hand, bar chairs are taller and often come with a supportive backrest for added comfort. They are ideal for longer periods of sitting, such as enjoying a leisurely breakfast or catching up with friends over drinks. Both options can help elevate your kitchen space and create a cozy atmosphere for enjoying morning coffees or evening meals. 


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