November 1, 2022

By: Zara Sahota | Design Specialist

A 3 Step Guide to Planning Your Dream Interior



Are you moving into a new home or renovating your existing home? Maybe you want to give your interior a revamp with a fresh new style. Often it’s difficult to visualise the exact look you have in mind and make sure you are choosing the right furniture pieces that work together.  

The answer is simple – mood boarding!

Why Use an Online Mood Board?

With the digital world we’re living in, mood boarding has gotten a whole lot easier when it comes to bringing your interior vision to life.  

Style Sourcebook is a completely free online tool that allows you to source and create your perfect interior design mood board. With tons of brands and products at your fingertips, this cuts out the time and effort of physically sourcing product samples and fabric swatches. 

We partnered with Style Sourcebook knowing this tool is incredibly easy to use and will help customers visualise styling OZ Design products in their space. 


How Does It Work?

This creative process is as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1: Find your style

Before jumping right into mood boarding, it’s best to have a rough idea of what style you want to create in your home.  

When it comes to gathering inspiration, Pinterest and Instagram are our go-to platforms where you can find every style from coastal to modern farmhouse and ultra-contemporary. This will help you choose colours, finishes and textures before mapping it out.  

Once you have a rough theme in mind, now it’s time for the fun part... 


Step 2: Mix and match

Start by clicking on “Create a Mood Board” and discover thousands of sofas, tables, rugs, cushions, artwork and more to help style your space. 


With an easy drag and drop interface, don’t be afraid to experiment with different furniture pieces and homewares to create the perfect look. Whether you want a certain brand or specific product category, type it into the search bar to narrow down your options and play around with it! 

Here's a tip! Try out different dining tables, sofas, cushions and chairs to find the look that suits you.

Step 3: Save and shop

Once you have finally settled on the perfect look for your space, go ahead and save, download and print your mood board. This way you’ll know exactly what pieces you need to buy to make your interior dreams become a reality.  

This platform also lets you share your board with friends and publish it on the Style Sourcebook website to help inspire others.  

Here are some of our favourite case study transformations from mood board to reality... 

It’s amazing how much time you can save by figuring out your style and putting your ideas to plan.

Discover the types of furniture and homewares that will help transform your living room into your dream destination. Show off your personal style with a mood board today.