May 17, 2022

By: Chelsea Shedden | Interior Architect

Things to Consider When Buying a Sofa

Purchasing a sofa for your space is an exciting experience. It is a statement for your home, a sanctuary for the family, a place to wind down, and above all, a piece that brings everyone back to the heart of the home – the living room.  

With a sofa providing so many purposes, it is important to have a variety of considerations when purchasing your couch.   

Before sofa shopping, we recommend that you take a look around your home, paying particular attention to your passageways. Measure any doorways, staircases, structures and corners.

When making your purchase, check with our friendly team members that your most loved products will fit into the access of your home.   

We have put together a guide below of what you need to consider before purchasing a sofa.



Post purchase, the next step is delivering your sofa safely inside your home.

Does your home or apartment have external staircases that you need to consider getting the sofa up? How wide is the staircase? Are there any corners on the staircase that you need to turn as you walk up?

Ensure you have professionals around on the day of delivery to ensure you can get your sofa safely up the stairs.   

Door Width

It is important to consider and measure the widths of any doorways that you will be walking through to get your sofa to its desired room. Ensure that you ask the sales staff about the dimensions of the box when the lounge is wrapped to make sure that it will fit.

We also recommend measuring any tight corners within the home that you need to get the product through.

Internal Stairs

Following from the external stairs, it is just as important to consider any internal stairs that you have. These stairs usually have tight corners and walls, so it is imperative that you measure this width in addition to the other measurements. 

Ensure you have professionals on the day of delivery to ensure you can get the couch safely up your stairs.  

Internal walls and structures

Before shopping, we recommend that you measure the widths between any internal walls and structures, such as staircases and balustrades.

If you are looking at getting an oversized sofa or multiple armchairs to create a completed seating area, it is important to measure your entire space to ensure all furniture pieces will fit inside comfortably.