BAXTER Collection

Australian messmate urban look

  • Buffet

  • Coffee Table

  • Dining Chair

  • Dining Table

  • Hall Table

  • Side Table

  • Storage

  • TV Unit

  • 120cm
    (120w x 60d x 45h)

  • 120cm
    (120w x 40d x 74h)

  • 150cm
    (150w x 90d x 75h)

  • 160cm
    (160w x 46d x 60h)

  • 180cm
    (180w x 100d x 75h)

  • 180cm
    (180w x 48d x 82h)

  • 210cm
    (210w x 105d x 75h)

  • 210cm
    (210w x 46d x 60h)

  • 240cm
    (240w x 120d x 75h)

  • 60cm
    (60w x 60d x 45h)

  • Bookcase 90cm
    (90w x 35d x 187h)

  • Round 100cm
    (100w x 100d x 45h)

  • Round 120cm
    (120w x 120d x 75h)

  • Round 60cm
    (60w x 60d x 49h)

Australian messmate urban look

The Baxter range combines the stunning natural features of solid Australian Messmate timber with clean and sophisticated lines to create the perfect modern piece. Raised legs mitered corners and a beautiful soft touch matte finish are just a few of the unique elements that make this design unique.
NOTE: Minimal self-assembly required in attaching the legs to the base of the unit.
Any timber products are sold with the understanding that each piece will be unique with a variation of colour mineral lines knots and gum veins. Natural timbers are beautiful unique and varied.

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