December 19, 2022

By: Brittany Low | Interior Decorator

5 Ways to Refresh Your Interior for The New Year

Here are five easy ways to  freshen up your interior: 

  1. Add beauty with greenery and flowers 
  2. Switch out your rug 
  3. Get organised 
  4. Introduce a new colour 
  5. Rearrange your furniture 

Read on to find out more... 


1. Add beauty with  greenery and  flowers

Introducing fresh plants into your home can make a world of difference. A floral arrangement adds an abundance of colour and comes with low maintenance! 

Not only do they look beautiful, but plants also freshen the air indoors and bring life to your space. This also provides an opportunity to change around your pot plants seasonally or choose new vases to welcome in lush greenery and florals around empty corners in your home.


2. Switch out your rug

Rugs can transform the look of a room by simply changing materials and finishes. 

For those looking for a rug to weather the winter months, a thick woollen rug is ideal for providing warmth and comfort underfoot. However, with Summer now in full swing, it's time to switch to a low pile rug that won't absorb the heat. 

Natural jute rugs provide a breathable feel and an added layer of texture to any interior design. Not only do they look great, but they are also moisture-resistant and durable, making them the perfect addition to any home. 


Allow your furniture to take centre stage and consider opting for a sophisticated no-rug look. This gives you an opportunity to professionally clean your rugs or shop around for a new look!


3. Get organised 

The best way to clear your mind is to have a tidy home.  

There is a plethora of home storage solutions to choose from, ranging from materials such as wood, metal, glass, and plastic to styles such as contemporary, rustic, and traditional. 

You can choose from pre-made items that come in different sizes and shapes, or you can opt for custom-made solutions that are tailored to your exact needs.  

With these storage solutions, you can keep your home looking neat and organised without compromising your interior aesthetic.  

Stylish cabinets, buffets, and shelving can be used to hide your clutter away and make it look like a part of your home’s design. With the right storage solutions, you can make your home look neat and stylish without sacrificing your interior design. 


4. Introduce a  new colour 

Summer calls for bringing a new visual dimension to your interior, and the easiest way to do this is by introducing a different colour into your theme. 


This can be done with fun and vibrant wall art such as prints, posters, canvases or photos, as well as soft or vibrant coloured cushions, decorative vases, and even kitchenware. 

Adding bright pops of colour to your home decor will bring an instant feeling of life and vibrancy to your space and keep that summer feeling in your home all year round. 

Experiment with different hues and shades to create a unique, eye-catching look and feel. 



5. Rearrange your furniture

The best way to revamp on a budget is to give the illusion of a fresh look by rearranging your existing furniture. This simple change can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your home. 

Start by moving large pieces of furniture, like couches and chairs, from one room to another. This can entirely change the atmosphere of the room and provide a fresh perspective.  

You can also experiment with smaller items, like art pieces and decorations, to further customize the space. Rearranging furniture and decorations are an easy and cost-effective way to give a room a whole new look. 

That’s it! Apply these tips and see your dream space come to life.


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