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  • Box Framed Canvas

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  • Framed Print

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  • Landscape 105 x 84cm
    (105w x 4.5d x 84h)

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  • Landscape 123 x 93cm
    (123w x 5.5d x 93h)

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  • Landscape 141.5 x 106cm
    (141.5w x 4.5d x 106h)

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  • Landscape 163 x 123cm
    (163w x 5.5d x 123h)

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  • Portrait 106 x 141.5cm
    (106w x 4.5d x 141.5h)

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  • Portrait 123 x 163cm
    (123w x 5.5d x 163h)

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  • Portrait 84 x 105cm
    (84w x 4.5d x 105h)

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  • Portrait 93 x 123cm
    (93w x 5.5d x 123h)

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Oak stain frameWalnut stain frame

URBROA Timber OakURBROA Timber Walnut

Like the sun's warm gentle embrace emerging from the horizon the Austral Sun Portrait Box Framed Canvas is a minimalist abstract piece that tells a story. Inspired by the radiating sunlit essence of Australian landscapes this artwork by Darren Palmer encapsulates the sun's luminosity a golden thread that weaves its way unifying us in a rich tapestry of shared experience. A dominant olive green brushstroke is paired with a rounded mustard yellow shape making this an ideal artwork for any contemporary lover.

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