KENT Collection

Australian made value sofa

  • 2 Seater
    (168w x 90d x 80h)

  • 2 Seater + Chaise
    (236w x 153d x 80h)

  • 2.5 Seater
    (195w x 90d x 80h)

  • 2.5 Seater + Chaise
    (263w x 153d x 80h)

  • 2.5 Seater + Corner + 2.5 Seater Modular
    (265w x 265d x 80h)

  • 3 Seater
    (228w x 90d x 80h)

  • 3 Seater + Chaise
    (301w x 153d x 80h)

  • 3 Seater + Corner + 3 Seater Modular
    (302w x 302d x 80h)

  • Armchair
    (92w x 90d x 80h)

  • Double Sofa Bed
    (195w x 90d x 80h)

  • Ottoman
    (97w x 56d x 41h)

  • Queen Sofabed
    (228w x 90d x 80h)

  • Left

  • Right

  • Watson Dew

  • Watson Falcon

  • Watson Marina

  • Watson Rye

  • Watson Slate

  • Watson Straw

  • Watson Taupe

Watson DewWatson FalconWatson MarinaWatson RyeWatson SlateWatson StrawWatson Taupe

  • RIDGEF Baltic

  • RIDGEF Chocolate

  • RIDGEF Clear

  • RIDGEF Walnut

  • RIDGEF Whitewash

RIDGEF BalticRIDGEF ChocolateRIDGEF ClearRIDGEF WalnutRIDGEF Whitewash

Australian made value sofa

Made in Australia and ideal for compact spaces our Kent sofa is a great choice for your modern living room. With its practical shape contemporary feel and reversible seat cushions you'll be able to style this sofa into your interior space with ease. Offered in a variety of configurations and fabric options customise this sofa to fit your desired living space.



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