July 14, 2020

By: Chelsea Shedden | Interior Architect

Marble, Stone & Concrete Care

Investing in furniture pieces made of natural stone means you are bringing a sophisticated look into your home which is worth protecting.
To do this style justice, it is important to uphold the cleanliness and quality of your marble, stone or concrete products.

Whether it be tabletops, home décor or display bowls for your kitchen, you want your marble to stay shiny and
your concrete furniture to be spotless for years to come. 

We have included tips and tricks below to help you care for your pieces made with natural stone. 




Less is more when it comes to cleaning your stone surfaces. Since marble is a soft, porous stone susceptible to stains, scratches and acid, you should never use abrasive cloths or chemicals with high acidity levels. Follow the steps below to clean and preserve its appearance. 

  1. On a regular basis, simply wipe with a soft cloth that is slightly damp using mild neutral cleaners mixed with water. 
  2. Immediately dry the surface completely with a cotton cloth to avoid watermarks from staining. 
  3. To preserve its look, use qualified sealing and polishing products specifically made for stone surfaces. 

We recommend Guardsman Stone care products to help protect the finish and keep your natural stone pieces looking new for a lifetime. Available as individual spray products creating three easy steps for maintaining your stone: Clean, Seal & Polish. Click here to view the range. 


When it comes to spot cleaning your textured stone furniture such as our concrete Flinders range or sand and cement mixed furniture, a simple and cost-effective way is by using a Chux Magic Eraser. Available at local grocery or hardware stores, this product easily removes grime or dirt marks from surfaces with heavy texture and grooves.


Making it last

Aside from these three main steps to keep your stone pieces looking fresh, it is just as important to treat your furniture with some general TLC so you can enjoy it season after season. We have put together a list of do’s and don'ts when it comes to maintaining the longevity of your pieces. 

  • Use heat resistant place mats and coasters to protect against citrus juice or watermarks
  • Blot any spills immediately with a paper towel followed by a soft cloth
  • Use qualified sealing and polishing products for protecting the surface. We recommend the Guardsman stone range
  • Never wipe spills as it will spread the stain across the surface, always blot
  • Don't use general household chemicals or acidic products
  • Avoid dragging marble or concrete furniture as it will cause damage and cracking