May 23, 2023

By: Zara Sahota | Design Specialist


Are we saying goodbye to minimalism?

In 2023, home décor and design have transitioned away from the traditional minimalist styles of the past and have instead moved towards a more natural, cozy, and textured aesthetic that evokes a sense of comfort and personality.  

As winter approaches, these are the top three furniture trends that will be dominating the season: 

  1. Repurposed Designs 
  2. Bringing The Outside In 
  3. Holidaying at Home 

Whether you’re looking to add a modern touch to your home or a more classic and timeless aesthetic, keep reading to find out more. 

Repurposed Designs

This year, people are finding creative ways to mix modern and vintage styles in their home. Thanks to Baby Boomers and Gen X, who are driving this trend, antiques have become highly sought-after items for home décor. Many people are drawn to antiques for their unique style and craftsmanship, which can add a unique touch to any living space. 

The combination of vintage pieces, often inherited from family members, with modern styles creates a unique, soulful space that celebrates both self-expression and historical nostalgia. This trend is becoming increasingly popular as it allows people to add distinct character to their homes while also paying homage to the past. 


Vintage pieces can be anything from furniture, rugs and artwork to decorative accents like vases, dishware and sculptures that all work together to create a blend of traditional and modern style. 

Bringing The Outside In

The return of brown tones in interior design has created a sense of tranquility and contentment in homes. Brown tones can be used to create a modern neutral palette that grounds the room, providing a backdrop for other more vibrant colours to stand out. It brings a sense of warmth and creates an inviting atmosphere, making it the perfect foundation for any interior. 

Earthy, texture-rich furniture pieces have been incredibly popular as they can help to create a space that is simultaneously comfortable, calming and modern. Popular pieces include rich wooden furniture and artisanal items with bespoke touches. These design elements bring together the best of both worlds, providing a space that is cozy and inviting, yet still stylish and on-trend. 

Holidaying at Home

It’s no secret that many of the trends we see in fashion, beauty and design have been inspired by overseas influences.  

The desire to bring a part of our holidays home with us has become increasingly popular in the interior design space, as people are looking to reflect their holiday memories through architecture and décor. This trend has led to more people incorporating foreign designs and materials into their homes to bring a sense of global influence and adventure into their everyday lives. 

We love the popular Mediterranean aesthetic being shown through clay ceramic décor, wall art and soft archways. These pieces provide a sense of openness and spaciousness, creating a more inviting atmosphere. Whether it be for a home or business space, incorporating this style of décor is sure to impress. 


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