Tables & Chair Care

At OZ Design Furniture, we offer a range of dining furniture to suit your individual style. 

Make sure you have read the assembly instructions and follow advice provided on our blog to minimise risk of damages during assembly. When assembling your furniture, ensure that you lay the pieces on a soft surface such as carpet or a blanket. Avoid chipping or scratching of panels and furniture pieces by always lifting the pieces, not dragging them as you assemble. 

Dust hard surface products with a soft damp cloth and avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent bleaching, discolouration or drying of any coated surface. Use heat resistant place mats under hot/cold food or beverages to avoid damage. Spillages should be cleaned with a soft damp cloth as soon as possible to avoid moisture damage. Dye transfer between product/material can occur and should be cleaned immediately with the recommended cleaning product. 

Whether sealed or unsealed, all timber furniture can easily form and retain stains even when wiped up immediately. We recommend Guardsman Timber care products to help protect the finish and keep your timber pieces looking new. Available as easy-to-use care kits or individual care products, Guardsman also offers warranties for accidental spills and damages. Click here to view the range. 

For Upholstered chairs we recommend a simple vacuum of your fabric chair every week. For tough stains use the services of a professional cleaning company as recommended by our fabric protection specialists. 

When moving your furniture or flipping your table or chair during assembly, always lift your product from both sides ensuring you never drag them as you may break or scratch the legs. Tables and chairs should never be flipped/leaned on two legs as this places them at severe risk of damage and voiding the warranty.  

In addition to the above and to ensure your product is covered under all related warranties it is important you are following the relevant material maintenance routines dependant on the product you have purchased, follow the blogs below: