HARPER Collection

Grand design rounded edges

  • Bench

  • Buffet

  • Coffee Table

  • Dining Table

  • TV Unit

  • 130cm
    (130w x 70d x 42h)

  • 180cm
    (180w x 36d x 47h)

  • 180cm
    (180w x 46d x 80h)

  • 180cm
    (180w x 46d x 62h)

  • 180cm
    (180w x 115d x 77h)

  • 210cm
    (210w x 46d x 62h)

  • 210cm
    (210w x 36d x 47h)

  • 210cm
    (210w x 46d x 80h)

  • 210cm
    (210w x 115d x 77h)

  • 250cm
    (250w x 36d x 47h)

  • 250cm
    (250w x 115d x 77h)

  • 270cm
    (270w x 115d x 77h)

  • 300cm
    (300w x 120d x 77h)

WINNAP Feature Grade Vic Ash Clear LacquerWINNAP Tasmanian BlackwoodWINNAP Vic Ash Clear LacquerWINNAP Wormy Chestnut

Grand design rounded edges

The Harper entertainment unit is a statement piece showcasing beautiful timber highlights and depth in the grain. Made with stunning Australian wormy chestnut this design sits heavy to the ground with maximum storage opportunities. Harper features rounded corners and edges that are perfect for families also allowing more exposure to the gorgeous timber grain.

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