Sofas and Armchair Care

At OZ Design Furniture, we offer a range of furniture to suit your individual style. 

We recommend a simple vacuum of your sofa, chair or ottoman every week and that loose seat and back cushions are rotated and plumped regularly to extend the life of the material and structural integrity like the foam. It is common for seat foams to soften over time so ensuring you maintain them properly is imperative to their longevity. 

Make sure you have read the assembly instructions and follow advice provided on our blog to minimise risk of damages during assembly. When moving your furniture always lift your product from both sides ensuring you never drag them as you may break or scratch the legs. It is also imperative you do not sit on the arms or back of your sofa or chair. You may choose to remove the plastic corner protectors on sofas (if provided) with extreme care, using pliers to remove staples.  

Avoid direct heat such as sunlight, fires or air-conditioners to prevent fading, moisture build up and/or scorching. Sharp objects can cause snagging, tearing or pulling of the materials used. Avoid using aggressive household cleaners. For tough stains use the services of a professional cleaning company as recommended by our fabric protection specialists. Dye transfer between product/material can occur and should be cleaned immediately with the recommended cleaning product. 

Slip covers and cushion covers should not be removed from the product itself for cleaning or any other reason. Slip covers are loose for aesthetic purposes only. Zips in any cushions or covers are for install purposes only.   

In addition to the above and to ensure your product is covered under all related warranties it is important you are following the relevant material maintenance routines dependant on the product you have purchased, follow the blogs below. 

Please note that all leather and fabric will stretch and form natural creases called puddling as a result of being sat on or compressed. Factors that contribute to the amount of puddling are the size of the panels, the density of the foam, type of suspension and webbing, and the amount of weight on the piece. Puddling is not a fault with the leather or fabric, it is a good indication of quality manufacturing as large pieces of material are used.

An extra note on Sofabeds: 

Before attempting to open your sofa bed for the first time, ensure the straps holding the mechanisms in place are undone and removed. Do not move the sofa with the bed open as this will cause damage to the sofa legs and can pull the mechanism out of alignment. Do not close the bed with any sheets, blankets, pillows or other bed linen inside. When the bed is open the mechanism is not designed for the sofa to be a seat. Excessive weight forward of the front bar may result in damage to the mechanism. Always follow the instructions carefully when opening and closing the bed.